Who & What is Beauty by Millie B

I created Beauty by Millie B with the goal to deliver professionally-selected skin solutions for melanin rich skin to promote a more beautiful and healthier you.
Black owned skin care lineI always knew that whenever I had babies that I wanted beautiful melanin rich babies. So when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Amelia (aka Millie B) and looked into her big brown eyes I knew I had to be intentional when it comes to teaching her to love herself and how to practice positive self-care.
It’s no secret that we live in a world where her features are far from the margin of what is considered beautiful. And too often the narrative of the "strong black woman" is the only time that we are celebrated.
So, I understand, that as her mother, I have to instill a deep understanding within her that she is worthy of love with out struggle and that her well-being should be her highest priority.
I soon realize that this was something that not many black women know and/or believe. So I created Beauty by Millie B as an avenue for us to receive personal care that is rooted in self-love and self care.


Here at Beauty by Millie B, we understand how overlooked self care & genuine sisterhood is within the black female community so, we've made it our mission to encourage a safe place for millennial women of color to prioritize their self care and health using products that are created with them in mind.